All companies incorporated in Hong Kong are required to have an annual audit. We provide auditing services through a local accounting firm with whom we are associated with and have been dealing with for over seventeen years.

Areson & Company also arranges for audits for Companies which require an audit report recognized by regulatory bodies in the United States, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission. This includes but is not limited to quarterly SEC reports and initial audits for companies wishing to go public in the United States (or elsewhere) on a recognized stock exchange.

We are fully equipped to set up an appropriate accounting system based on a review of your operations. We can also do the bookkeeping in your offices or in ours, whichever is appropriate. We are conversant in different types of computer accounting packages, which is especially useful when having to send financial information back to head office.

One of the services we provide to many companies is the reinvoicing function for overseas companies who do not want to staff their own physical operation here. Using a company established here (or elsewhere-see Company Secretarial Services) we will prepare an invoice on your company's letterhead and bill the purchaser of the goods which have been shipped directly from the supplier in Asia. We will pay the supplier and collect the money on your behalf from the purchaser.

Our operations are fully computerized and this enables us to provide a complete billing service for Clubs, credit card companies and other organizations which do not rely upon cash transactions. Supplementing this is the collection of funds from members of these organizations and depositing them to bank accounts as instructed. In addition we pay the bills of many clients and act as either sole bank signatories on accounts or we can provide a dual signature for those requiring it.

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